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Enterprise mobile development is the practice of creating and deploying portable, scalable, and trusted mobile applications to help large organizations engage with customers, partners, and employees.

Our mobile app development with services-based development strategy that built around cloud-native microservices brings many advatages, such as increased productivity, lower costs, improved security, and greater visibility and control.

The importance of mobility implementation for digital transformation ecosystem

Mobile app and
customer experience

Digital transformation is all about improving customer experience. How do you think you can provide personalized messages to customers and stay tuned with them 24/7? Of course, with mobile apps, your business can.

Mobile apps helps businesses engage with customers better and help marketers to idenfity customer touchpoints to create personalized messages for improved sales. Mobile applications along with chatbots have redefined customer service as they help users with instant answers to queries or requirements. In short, having mobile apps as part of the digital transformation program improves overall customer experience significantly.

Here are the key benefits of using mobile apps for customer experience:
• Facilitates communication
• Improves customer loyalty
• Promotes sales of the company
• Enhances customer engagement
• Offers competitive advantage
• Increases branding
• Increases visibility

Mobile app and
operational efficiency

On the other hand, managing businesses-vendor-customer operations becomes easier with mobile apps. Not just that, the apps help sales and marketing staff to perform the operations-on-the-go thereby increasing the Rol.

Field sales can perform the actions from anywhere, anytime, and update sales data in real-time to improve sales cycles. With workflow applications and process management applications, the operational efficiency of organizations has increased rapidly, leading to increased Rol and growth.

Mobile sales app

One of our product - mobile sales application enhances deals execution by accelerating the requesting procedure. Use a cell phone to show new items to clients and to rapidly make requests and statements while out, notwithstanding when disconnected.
Mobile Sales App provides you with:
• Track sales, manage all orders and quotes electronically.
• Reduce costs by eliminating paper catalogues and paper sales orders.
• Product catalogue and ordering app for distributors, wholesalers & manufacturers.

Key features

Product catalog

Showcase your products and services to your clients with attractive catalog.

Dealer management

Credit, edit and delete dealers to control your dealers network in using mobile sales system.

Sales representatives management

Total control over the number of sales reps and permission assign to manage client accounts.

Notification management

Create announcement or send notifications to all your clients and dealers.

Multi-Tiers products attribute management

Allow high complexity of product attributes to host online for M-commerce.

Dynamic promotion management

Our unique designed sales boosting feature that guarantee to increase at least 30% of your annual sales.

We will transform your data with digital % AI solutions so you can reap the benefits of world-class insights


transactions automated


increase in efficiency


millions in annual savings

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