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Digital transformation is about fundamentally changes business models and activities, often with the use of Industry 4.0 technologies, harmonizing current business process with automation technology, to being streamlined, cross-enterprise workflow expedient and strategically automated.

It is a time of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) convergence. It is when professionals with different skills should align their efforts toward overcoming challenges and delivering the elements of value that are important for clients and other stakeholders.

The importance of digital transformation

Digital transformation is changing the way an organization operates. Systems, processes, workflow, and culture are all evaluated. This transformation brings together data across areas to work together more effectively. By taking advantage of workflow automation and advanced processing, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), companies can connect the dots on the customer journey in a way that wasn't possible before.

8 Benefits of Digital Transformation

Enhanced data collection

The real benefit of collecting the data from customers is to optimize them for analysis that can drive the business forward. Digital transformation creates a system for gathering the right data and incorporating it fully for business intelligence at a higher level. It creates a way that different functional units within an organization can translate raw data into insights across various touchpoints. By doing this, it produces a single view of the customer journey, operations, production, finance, and business opportunities.

Greater resource management

Digital transformation consolidates information and resources into a suite of tools for business. Rather than dispersed software and databases, it brings together company resources all into one place. Digital transformation can integrate applications, databases, and software into a central repository for business intelligence. It is not a department or functional unit but encompasses every area of a business and can lead to process innovation and efficiency across units.

Data-driven customer insights

Data can be the key to unlocking customer insights. By better understanding your customer and their needs, you can create a business strategy that is even more customer-centric. Using both structured data (personal customer information) and unstructured data, such as social media metrics, these insights can help drive business growth. Data enables strategies to provide more relevant, personalized, and agile content.

Better customer experience

Customer expectations are sky-high when it comes to their experience. Customers have gotten used to having endless choices, low prices, and fast delivery. Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground. CX has emerged as the key driver of sustainable business growth.

Encourages digital culture (with improved collaboration)

By providing team members with the right tools, tailored to their environment, digital transformation encourages digital culture. While these tools provide an easy way for collaboration, they also help to move the entire organization ahead digitally. This digital culture will be crucial in the future. It forces the upskilling and digital learning of team members to take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation.

Increased profits

Companies that undergo digital transformation improve efficiency and profitability. Business Insights and Oxford Economics:
• 80% of organizations that have completed digital transformation report increased profits.
• 85% says they have increased their market share.
• On average, leaders expect 23% higher revenue growth than competitors.

Increased agility

Digital transformation makes organizations more agile. Borrowing from the world of software development, business can increase their agility with digital transformation to improve speed-to-market and adopt Continuous Improvement (CI) strategies. This allows for faster innovation and adaptation while providing a pathway to improvement.

Improved productivity

Having the right tech tools that work together can streamline workflow and improve productivity. By automating many manual tasks and integrating data throughout the organization, it empowers team members to work more efficiently.

Technology we used

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Showcase your products and services to your clients with attractive catalog.

Artificial intelligent service from Huawei cloud services

Create, edit and delete dealers to control your dealers network in using mobile sales system.

Enterprise mobility implementation

Total control over the number of sales reps and permission assign to manage client accounts.

We will transform your data with digital & AI solutions so you can reap the benefits of world-class insights


faster time to market


increase in efficiency


increase in efficiency

How 57 Codebox empowers digital transformation?

Commence technology infrastructure assessment

Our IT professional to discover or define business activities, processes, models, ecosystem, business assest management, organization culture, customer, workers and partner approaches.


Digital strategy formulation

Identify "print environment" of each departments, resolution for blur boundaries between technology, marketing, sales, and operation.

Set Digitalization Strategy Plan covering digital transformation goal statements, feasible short-term and long-term timeline with mile marker, cost and budget and the high-level enterprise architecture diagram.

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